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How to join SMAC

We welcome runners of all abilities and interests. We also welcome volunteers, who may like to help out with coaching and putting on races. Full support will be provided. Please visit our Membership pages for more details.

Coaching Sessions

If you are a member of Staffs Moorlands A.C. you are eligible to train at any of the organised sessions which are all run by England Athletics Qualified Coaches. Tuesday Night Birchall Track, Leek. 5.20pm Junior session, 6.30pm Seniors. See our Coaching pages for more details.

Our Races

SMAC is famous for putting on a series of races during the summer months and also a pre-Christmas event. Please follow the links to our Summer Series and Christmas Cracker race pages.


Kit can be ordered via email from here: kitmanager@staffsmoorlands-ac.co.uk . There are more details on our Kit page. Kit is generally ordered on demand and there may be a lead time. You must wear club kit for team events.

Get In Touch

We'd love to hear from you. Our Contact pages have a variety of ways in which you can contact us.

Our Teams

Here at SMAC we have teams for the Juniors, Men and Ladies. There is also an active Veterans Team and a Fell Running Team. Please use the 'Teams' menu (found under the 'Run With Us' menu) to find more information.