We use Joomla 3.x, should you need to look stuff up on the Internet.

When publishing, coinsider, the Article, the Category, and the Menu.

Categories have changed from Joomla 1.5 (our previous website). There we had Categories with Sections sub-dividing them. Now there is just a heirarchy of Categories, with sub-categories. Much easier and flexible in my opinion.

Please consult Tony if you feel we need more Categories or Menus. We will almost certainly need more.

The Article should contain the information that you wish to publish. Most of the parameters should be left at the default settings. It will auto publish when you first save it, unless you chnage the status to unpublished. You might want to do this whilst working on a draft that is not ready for publication.

The editor has a button for spell checking. Please feel free to use it. We use British English here, even if the spell checker recommends an American version.

 An article will not appear on the site until it is either attached directly to the Menu, or put in a Category that has already been set up to display at some menu location, or Module location on the page.