Our very own Tracy Dean has been chosen to represent Great Britain in the European championship 24 hour race in Rumania in May. Her own words and feelings about this are set out below. Safe to say the club are pleased and proud ! I hope it inspires many other to follow their dreams and note that age is just a number!

Thoughts on being Selected for GB.

It was a nerve wracking day the 25th January. We were waiting to hear the announcement of who had made the 24 hour race squad to represent Great Britain in the European Championships in  Timisoara, Romania on May 26th, 27th 2018. I debuted in the 24 hour discipline in China in November 2017. I had been specifically training for the event for 12 months in reality. The dedication paid off as I won the race and had met the British qualifying standard which is quoted as being the hardest qualifying standard in the World.To place it into context, I ran 140.43 miles (226 km) non stop in 24 hours.

Whilst I have a wealth of ultra running experience, mostly on trail and mountain, this is a new challenge for me and I was unsure if I had developed my running, and importantly, my skills in coping with the 24 hour ultra distance race enough to step up to the World stage.

My elation at receiving the news that I have been selected is difficult to put into words. I have worked so hard and trained with determination, commitment and focus which has now come to fruition. I am going to Romania with that same determination with a strong team of ultra runners. We will leave no stone unturned as both collaboratively and individually we intend to maintain the reputation of Great Britain in being a  serious contenders for meddling at the event.