The meeting was attended by 21 club members.


It’s useful to note that my last year’s report contained a sense of foreboding about the club’s ability to keep up its high expectations of itself. Yes, it’s sad to see stalwarts of the club, both organisationally and on the running side, drift off the scene, but it’s encouraging to see that they are being replaced with new members who also want to get involved. As in any organisation people come and go, but we’ll endure and grow if we manage to encourage and value members who want to contribute.

Last year I suspected that we’d probably only be capable of putting on 7 or 8 Summer Series Races, but we managed nine, including the new Ipstones race. So all credit to Dave Bethel’s enthusiasm and hard work, despite it being one of the more difficult courses to put together, marshal and signpost.

The women’s side of things continues to flourish competitively and socially from what I hear. And the cliff-hanger for the men’s team at Cheltenham seems to have injected a new team spirit with more members wanting to run for the club – despite a snapped clutch cable enforcing a dash to the start and a train ride home.

Hopefully all members will be pleasantly surprised with what they find they are capable of. I bet Matt Clowes didn’t quite believe in 2007 that he’d go on to dip under the 4 minute for the mile 8 years later. And I’m pretty sure Staffs Moorlands continues to help plenty of others to surprise themselves in a less spectacular, unsung way, as they try to improve their own personal world records and the distances they manage to cover.

Early last year the committee identified that our website was well overdue for an overhaul. It is after all the hub for essential information about what the club’s all about and what’s happening. Other clubs keep it simple and do it well. Without the website functioning properly, potential new members wouldn’t have a clue what’s on offer and they’d remain outsiders. It’s also a quick reference for existing members who need essential information. At last it sounds as though the website rebuild is just about to be achieved. So all credit to those who want to get involved in its creation.

Roy McCauley


I wish to thank the committee members for their work and support for the club over the last year, in addition our coaches, team managers, club members and all who help at our races.

The Summer Series was again a success, dates for this year should be available soon and discussion will take place as to whether we stick to 9 races or go back to 10.

We could not do the Summer Series without the Race Directors, some of whom have put on races for many years such as the Buxton and Oakamoor races put on by Arthur Gratton and Phil Boulton.  Thanks to all race directors and we hope to gain new people to start off assisting and hopefully take on an existing race or a new one at some stage.

If anyone is interested in helping organise a race or as a general Summer Series helper, do make yourself know to the committee.

The Leek Half was another success, thanks to Adrian, Roy, Steve and all others without whose help there would not have been a race. Sorry for not naming everyone by name.

As a club we had decided not to host the North Staffs XC event at Westwood, and it was good to see that the league took this on and staged a very successful final Cross Country event.  What many will not know is that Roy put in over a day’s work to make the course possible.

The Christmas Cracker saw an increase in runners, over 260 turned up on the day- another Staffs Moorlands success.

Over the last few years numbers attending our Presentation evening have dwindled.  Ideas have been put forward and we are having this year’s event at The Foxlowe in Leek, with some food after the awards and a live band.  Thanks to Kerry and Lucinda for making this happen and we hope to have a great night.

More recently we have lost some of our key runners for their own reasons and also this week Terry has resigned from his coaching duties. We have had feedback about the website, which will be covered later, but as someone said earlier today, there may be other underlying reasons if members are unhappy and leave, or they may just need a change and need different levels of competition.  We want to encourage open feedback to avoid gossip or misconstruing of the facts.

I hope that we can encourage more members to either join the committee or join in some working groups to help make the necessary changes and improvements within the club.  We all have busy lives. So work shared makes it much easier.”

Madeleine Birch-Machin


  1. TREASURER’S REPORT for the 2014 Accounts

The Summer Series this year provided £8,760 in entry fees and a balance of £4,247. This compares to the 2013 Summer Series which had entry fees of £9,202 and a final balance of £4,024. This provides the main source of income for the club.

The Leek Half Marathon had an entry fee income totalling £3,354 plus sponsorship of £500 and a balance of £259 after donations to Meerbrook Village Hall (£70), 2nd Leek Scouts (£50) and 5th Leek Scouts (£50) were taken out. The main costs were T-shirts (£1,443) and Prizes (£1,057).

The Christmas Cracker 2014 had entries totalling £2,080 and a balance of £1,271. The race is run on a not for profit basis. So it enabled the club to make donations to Buxton Mountain Rescue (£200); 2nd Leek Scouts (£100) and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust for the Roaches Footpath Restoration Fund (£200). Also £273 was given to Midlands Air Ambulance to top up the £127 collected in lieu of car parking fees, to allow a total donation of £400.

£650 was paid out to individuals representing the club, helping them with travel costs to competitions, usually where car journeys were shared (compared to £580 in 2013). Generally members receive £20 on each occasion for travel expenses, with slightly higher payments made where long distances were involved. No special payments were made to individual athletes in 2014.

Operating the club website cost £349 and two members attended coaching courses costing £285.

The only relatively significant single piece of additional equipment during the year was £60 spent on a gazebo for the Summer Series Registration and Start / Finish Line purposes.

Affiliation Fees were:

  • £1,615 to England Athletics (£1,450 in 2013)

  • £209 to Association of Running Clubs – for race insurance purposes (£232 in 2013)

  • £95 to Birmingham & District Invitation Cross Country League (same as 2013)

  • £90 to North Staffs Cross Country League (£80 in 2013)

  • £30 to Staffs AAA (same as 2013)


For 2014 the club had a surplus of income over expenditure of £2,896

Jill Norman



POST Elected
Chairperson Madeleine Birch-Machin
Secretary Roy McCauley
Treasurer Jill Norman
Membership Secretary Tony Rogers
Publicity Officer Vacancy.
Kit Manager Lucinda Stone
Men’s Team Manager

Phil Greer (Road and Cross Country)

Dave Bethel and Martin Dearden (Fells)

Ladies Team Manager Kerry Marchant
Juniors Manager Kerry Marchant
Child Protection Officers Jason Burgess and Kerry Marchant
Management Committee Members Steve Massey, Adrian Northcott, Susan Yates, George Lamplough, Alice Luther, Sam Lucking and Sarah Beighton
Honorary President John Broadbent


It was agreed that the traditional first Tuesday of the month nights for committee meetings should be switched to Thursday nights, in order to accommodate those who normally train on Tuesdays.



It was agreed to pay affiliation to and compete in:North Staffs Cross Country, Birmingham & District Invitation Cross Country League; County X-Country Championships, Midlands and National X-Country Road Relay Championships, National and Regional Veterans Championships and National Fell Relays and the English Club Fell Championships. An allocate of up to £500 will be made to each team to enter members (juniors, seniors and vets) in to races at their discretion, without them needing to agree it through committee.

The club will continue to be affiliated to UK Athletics plus the Association of Running Clubs (for race insurance)


During the year 13 members left the club, while 41 new members joined. In February 2015 we have 197 members.

It was agreed to freeze seniors, juniors and pensioners club membership fees given the effects of the Recession. The prices will be increased on the understanding that UKA affiliation will be going up from £10 to £12 this year.

Seniors £16 not UKA affiliated or £28 including UKA affiliation

Juniors and Over 60s £8 not UKA affiliated or £20 including UKA affiliation

Family membership is charged at the standard rate for adults + 1 x the current junior rate for an unlimited number of juniors. Each individual member must pay the UKA affiliation fee on top of the Family Membership fee, if they need to be affiliated to UKA.


No amendments to the new constitution were suggested.


The prototype SMAC website can now be seen at It will use new software to allow it to be mobile friendly. Contributions are welcome.


NEXT MEETING: February 2016



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