2021 Christmas Cracker Race

Get into the running Christmas spirit...

After the enforced COVID-19 break, Staffs Moorlands AC is hosting the ever-popular, superb value and atmospheric Christmas Cracker race. This year, the date is set for Sunday 19 December 2021 with a start time of 11am.

The race is approximately 8 miles long and takes in some breath-taking scenery in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands. Around 40% is run on country lanes with the rest being through fields and on tracks including a section along the exposed Roaches gritstone ridge some 1500 feet above sea level!

According to the reviews on Runners’ World (RW) website, 100% of past competitors would return to the race again and it has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. Whilst this is a race, which does attract some excellent runners, the emphasis is on fun and fancy dress outfits are encouraged, even if this is a Santa hat, tinsel halo or sprig of mistletoe!!! To quote a review from “Fuzzyhead” on the RW site: “the most fun race I have had all year”.

There are prizes including fancy dress (detailed below) and every finisher receives either a pair of special edition socks or locally bottled beer.

Additionally, to be fair to the volunteers, marshalling and recording results, we would ask potential entrants to ensure that they can finish comfortably within one hour and fifty minutes. Regrettably, dogs are not permitted to accompany runners on the course.

In the unlikely event that the organisers deem it to be too dangerous to run over the Roaches, due to ice or heavy snow on race day, an alternative shorter course will be operated around the scenic Tittesworth Reservoir.

We try to keep running affordable to most runners which is reflected in the entry costs:
£8.50 for affiliated Staffs Moorlands AC runners, £9.50 for other club affiliated athletes and £10.50 for unattached runners. Please note that there is a small additional fee (ranging from 93p to £1.03) to cover the costs of the electronic portal provider.

Any profits from the race are shared between the local charities and organisations that have helped to stage the event (usually Staffordshire Wildlife Trust for maintaining the footpaths on the Roaches, Buxton Mountain Rescue for helping to keep runners safe on the course.

Race Details

Number Collection, Race Start and Finish

This takes place in the grounds of Tittesworth Reservoir Visitors’ Centre, Meerbrook, near Leek, Staffordshire (postcode ST13 8SW) with a scheduled start time of 11am.

Online entries https://www.race-results.co.uk/onlineentries/user/login.php?raceid=4324

In trying to protect our volunteers, we regret that we are unable to offer on-the-day entries. The cut off for the receipt of online entries is 11.59 pm on Friday 17 December.


Runners will need to obey whatever parking restrictions are in place at the time, which includes paying the usual visitors’ tariff.

Number Collection

If you’ve pre-entered via the portal, above, number collection, sited in the covered picnic area on the right hand side as you head towards the Visitors’ Centre, opens at 9.40am and closes at 10.50am.

Refreshments and Toilets

There are excellent facilities provided by the Visitors’ Centre together with a wide range of reasonably-priced drinks and snacks. Please treat the facilities with respect as we rely on venues such as this and we would like to be able to stage the event again in the following years. Note: there are no changing or shower facilities.


Please be mindful of the weather conditions and dress accordingly as it can be a few degrees colder on the highest points of the course.


In addition to marshals being on the course, there will also be medical staff and Buxton Mountain Rescue personnel deployed at strategic points. A “sweeper” will also be following the last runner to ensure that everyone returns safely. Always listen and adhere to instructions from marshals – they are there for your safety and enjoyment of the race.


Please use the exit funnel and keep the finish area clear for incoming runners, who may be sprinting with eyes only for the line! After the finish, choose and collect your memento (socks or beer!).


This year we are changing the prize structure, mainly to avoid the need for a large gathering at the presentation. Prizes will be presented to: 1st, 2nd, 3rd male and female, irrespective of age. There will be no team awards. We shall be awarding spot prizes to individuals at random intervals which allows more modest runners the chance to win something and is in keeping with the original aims of the race. We are sorry for any disappointment the change of arrangements may cause runners but hope that everyone understands our rationale.

The King of the Mountain trophy is awarded to the first individual to reach the Roaches trig point.

The Ron Lucas prizes are awarded by his family for fancy dress costume judged as: Best Individual: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Best Team and Runner-Up Team.



Please note that this year, for the seniors, there were only prizes for the first three finishers of each gender.

Please email any E&O to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Yes, that does say 'summerseries'!


Open Prizes       
Open Prizes              
Kate Davies 137 Staffs Moorlands AC F   1  
Jodi Bemand 110 West Cheshire Athletic Club F   2  
Georgia Stanfield 117 Trentham RC F   3  
Ben Light 115 Buxton AC M   1  
Jack Ross 125 Staffs Moorlands AC M   2  
Matthew Statham 179 Staffs Moorlands AC M   3  
First Lady Vet              
Kate Davies 137 Staffs Moorlands AC F F40 1  
First Male Vet              
Matthew Statham 179 Staffs Moorlands AC M M40 3  
Vet Prizes              
Charmaine Wood 147 Congleton Harriers F F40 2  
Eleanor Robinson 106 West Cheshire Athletic Club F F45 1  
Joanne Stanfield 116 Trentham RC F F50 1  
Carol Higgs 120 Trentham RC F F55 1  
Martin Evans 119 Staffs Moorlands AC M M40 2  
Martin Pigott 167 Buxton AC M M45 1  
Steve Renny 155 Altrincham & District Athletic Club Limited M M50 1  
Simon Somerville 138 Staffs Moorlands AC M M55 1  
John Guest 102 Trentham RC M M60 1  
Anthony Hulme 101 Unaffiliated M M65 1  
Open Juniors              
Izzy Pettitt 6 Unaffiliated JF   1  
Emily Pettitt 5 Unaffiliated JF   2  
Connie Statham 4 Staffs Moorlands AC JF   3  
Laurie Hinton 8 Staffs Moorlands AC JM   1  
Huw Davies 1 Staffs Moorlands AC JM   2  
Morgan Davies 2 Staffs Moorlands AC JM   3  


Senior Finishers

Ben Light 115 Buxton AC 1 00:53:13 M23
Jack Ross 125 Staffs Moorlands AC 2 00:55:02 M23
Matthew Statham 179 Staffs Moorlands AC 3 00:55:45 M40
Harry Bond 123 Buxton AC 4 00:56:33 M16
Matthew Basnett 171 Unaffiliated 5 00:58:55 M23
Joe Berrisford 148 Unaffiliated 6 01:00:32 M23
Henry Robinson 111 West Cheshire Athletic Club 7 01:01:07 M16
Kate Davies 137 Staffs Moorlands AC 8 01:01:26 F40
Martin Evans 119 Staffs Moorlands AC 9 01:01:51 M40
Isaac Elkington 194 Staffs Moorlands AC 10 01:02:05 M23
Francesco Caci 131 City of Stoke AC 11 01:02:19 M23
Steve Renny 155 Altrincham & District Athletic Club Limited 12 01:02:31 M50
Simon Somerville 138 Staffs Moorlands AC 13 01:03:27 M55
Martin Pigott 167 Buxton AC 14 01:03:50 M45
James Robinson 107 West Cheshire Athletic Club 15 01:05:40 M16
Jonathan Whilock 136 Staffs Moorlands AC 16 01:05:50 M55
Jodi Bemand 110 West Cheshire Athletic Club 17 01:06:09 F16
Tobias Miller 177 Boalloy Running Club 18 01:07:15 M23
Daniel Knowles 199 Unaffiliated 19 01:07:58 M50
Rob Bond 130 Staffs Moorlands AC 20 01:08:29 M45
Georgia Stanfield 117 Trentham RC 21 01:09:56 F23
Robert Ball 114 Ashbourne Running Club 22 01:10:25 M23
Jack Stewart 181 Biddulph RC 23 01:11:29 M16
Scott Gregory 157 Mow Cop Runners 24 01:11:37 M50
Charmaine Wood 147 Congleton Harriers 25 01:12:19 F40
Joanne Stanfield 116 Trentham RC 26 01:13:14 F50
John Guest 102 Trentham RC 27 01:13:23 M60
Carol Higgs 120 Trentham RC 28 01:13:32 F55
Rachel Hollins 153 Chester Triathlon Club 29 01:13:48 F40
Michael Lemmy 154 Unaffiliated 30 01:13:49 M50
Mark Maloney 121 Michelin Ac 31 01:14:04 M40
Eleanor Robinson 106 West Cheshire Athletic Club 32 01:14:28 F45
David Alexander 109 West Cheshire Athletic Club 33 01:14:29 M50
Adam Geens 178 Unaffiliated 34 01:15:28 M45
Julie Pettitt 187 Unaffiliated 35 01:15:30 F40
Debbie Healy 158 Unaffiliated 36 01:15:31 F40
Lee Cimino 159 Unaffiliated 37 01:16:29 M23
Adrian Chudyk 188 Unaffiliated 38 01:16:57 M45
Chris Hinton 149 Unaffiliated 39 01:18:22 M60
Simon Bolton 103 Cheshire Hill Racers 40 01:18:37 M55
Robert Clarke 150 Staffs Moorlands AC 41 01:20:01 M50
Chris Lane 169 Biddulph RC 42 01:21:30 M60
Paul Lockett 201 Staffs Moorlands AC 43 01:21:37 M45
Katy Thornhill 151 Goyt Valley Striders 44 01:22:21 F45
Jason White 186 Staffs Moorlands AC 45 01:23:00 M50
David Hinton 192 Staffs Moorlands AC 46 01:23:01 M40
Anthony Hulme 101 Unaffiliated 47 01:23:16 M65
Ian Ankers 198 South Cheshire Harriers 48 01:23:47 M65
Matthew Cartwright 172 Unaffiliated 49 01:24:43 M40
Gareth Owen 173 Unaffiliated 50 01:24:44 M40
Rob Warrilow 134 Unaffiliated 51 01:26:17 M50
Michaela Hill 105 Trentham RC 52 01:26:19 M50
James Fowler 133 Trentham RC 53 01:26:20 M40
Debra Bemand 108 West Cheshire Athletic Club 54 01:27:11 F50
Stephen Plant 144 Staffs Moorlands Ac 55 01:27:42 M65
Joanna Miles 182 Macclesfield Harriers & AC 56 01:29:02 F55
Julian Brown 183 Macclesfield Harriers & AC 57 01:29:03 M55
Jenny Harper 174 Trentham RC 58 01:29:59 F23
Kate Heathcock 132 Unaffiliated 59 01:30:34 F45
Katie Trace 175 Biddulph RC 60 01:30:35 F40
Richard Warrilow 160 Staffs Moorlands AC 61 01:30:48 M50
Laura Carter 139 Cheadle RC 62 01:30:54 F16
Lois Hartshorne 124 Cheadle RC 63 01:30:55 F23
Nicola Simpson 113 Unaffiliated 64 01:32:02 F45
Rob Wymer 112 Unaffiliated 65 01:32:02 M50
Hayley Lever 152 Unaffiliated 66 01:32:41 F45
Charlotte Statham 180 Unaffiliated 67 01:33:30 F50
Sandra Jeffery 193 Unaffiliated 68 01:33:30 F40
Andrew Pemberton 190 Stoke F.I.T 69 01:33:33 M50
Laura Slack 185 Lonely Goat RC 70 01:33:49 F23
Nicola Williams 191 Stoke F.I.T 71 01:33:49 F40
Georgina Powell 129 Unaffiliated 72 01:34:05 F50
Suzanne Stokes 127 Unaffiliated 73 01:34:06 F50
Caren Coverley 128 Unaffiliated 74 01:34:08 F55
Rachel Taylor 126 Unaffiliated 75 01:34:11 F45
Sam Tidy 122 Trentham RC 76 01:34:32 M45
Vivienne Ross 161 Unaffiliated 77 01:34:41 F50
Alexandra Spragg 165 Eccleshill Road Runner 78 01:34:47 F45
Hazel Mycock 166 Unaffiliated 79 01:34:48 F23
Holly Chipman 168 Unaffiliated 80 01:34:49 F23
Nigel Lee 118 Newcastle Staffs Ac 81 01:35:10 M65
James Trace 176 Biddulph RC 82 01:35:48 M45
Sarah Burgess 196 Unaffiliated 83 01:35:49 F23
Julie Bradshaw 163 Biddulph RC 84 01:35:49 F55
Jo Owen 197 Unaffiliated 85 01:35:50 F40
Sarah Thorne 195 Newcastle (Staffs) Tri Club 86 01:35:50 F45
Kathryn Keeling 104 Mow Cop Runners 87 01:37:30 F23
Thomas Palenicek 156 Unaffiliated 88 01:41:22 M65
Mark Harrison 146 Cheadle RC 89 01:42:11 M45
Sally Kenny 200 Cheadle RC 90 01:42:11 F45
Victoria Hughes 145 City of Stoke AC 91 01:42:12 F45
Adrian Reeves-Jones 189 Cheadle Rc 92 01:42:34 M55
Simon Wright 140 Unaffiliated 93 01:44:03 M55
Jessica Fitzgerald 143 Unaffiliated 94 01:45:12 F40
Emma Bettany 162 Unaffiliated 95 01:45:26 F50
Steffi Ward 142 Lonely Goat RC 96 01:45:58 F40
Bill Mould 184 Staffs Moorlands AC 97 01:46:24 M65
Linda Dale 135 Unaffiliated 98 01:47:28 F55
Angela Jacquemart 141 Staffs Moorlands AC 99 01:47:31 F55
David Taylor 164 Staffs Moorlands AC 100 01:58:17 M65


Junior Finishers

Laurie Hinton 8 Staffs Moorlands AC 1 00:12:55 JM1
Huw Davies 1 Staffs Moorlands AC 2 00:14:01 JM1
Izzy Pettitt 6 Unaffiliated 3 00:14:24 JF1
Morgan Davies 2 Staffs Moorlands AC 4 00:16:09 JM1
Emily Pettitt 5 Unaffiliated 5 00:17:05 JF1
Connie Statham 4 Staffs Moorlands AC 6 00:17:25 JF1
Lauren Pettitt 7 Unaffiliated 7 00:23:34 JF1
Pollyanna White 3 Staffs Moorlands AC 8 00:23:37 JF1

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